When I was in high school I had this long-time friend who a year after 9/11 would joke around and call me a terrorist. I never said anything back since I went to a 96% white high school, so I felt that no one would defend me if I said anything. Plus, she’s my friend and I generally do not confront people about issues that are minor (or at least I convinced myself that it was a minor issue.) Once she asked me how to say Satan in my language so I said Shaythan. And from then on she told people that I was a member of Shaythan’s Doorknobs, a “terrorist organization” that she made up. Every time we meet up nowadays (which is once every few months) she brings up that “organization” and makes fun of me.

A few years ago she came out as a lesbian, and I’ve wondered how she would feel if I made an insulting joke towards her about her sexuality in a world that is 98% straight. Of course, I would never do it, but I definitely have thought about it.

I sometimes wish I were white :/

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