Al Jazeera Journalist Explains Resignation over Syria and Bahrain Coverage

Ali Hashem: Al Jazeera has become a “media war machine” and is “committing journalistic suicide”

I dunno about this bias up in this, because the source of this video, the so-called “The Real News Network”, has constantly been aligned with the extremist European secular ‘left-leaning’ so-called ‘intellectual’ named Pepe Escobar. The same Escobar that has defended the Syrian regime and constantly screams from the rooftops about how all the problems in the Middle East stem from the Saudis (lolol.)

Ugh… oh yeah, that dude named Carlos Latuff, too.

Did not know this, thank you for the information! Am reading through the links right now

(via doctorofnothing-deactivated2013)

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